ALL HANDS ON DECK—Advocacy Alert
The much-needed Equity for HiCap bill (SHB 2927) is in trouble. It needs to get onto the House Appropriations schedule today (2/6). The bill passed unanimously through the Education Committee, so agreement is not the issue. It is a priority issue in that Appropriations has only so much time to hear bills before the deadline, and this bill needs to be slotted higher on the list.
Please Stop and Do These 3 Things Now:
1. If you are in the Puget Sound area, we are urging everyone to stop what you are doing right now and contact Education Committee Chair Tomiko Santos and Appropriations Vice Chair June Robinson about SHB 2927. Sample e-mail below (although it’s always better to rewrite it in your own words):
Subject: Urgent: Get SHB 2927 onto Appropriations Schedule

Body of E-mail:

Dear Ms. Tomiko, Dear Ms. Robinson:

The Equity for HiCap bill (SHB 2927) has still not been scheduled for appropriations. I am worried that it is going to miss the cut off. Can you please work with Rep. Timm Ormsby to get this on the appropriations hearing schedule ASAP? As you know, this is a very urgent issue for Seattle and will substantially improve equity--and long term, the achievement gap. Catching these students early will prevent disengagement, behavior problems, drop outs and kids lost to the prison pipeline, ultimately saving the state money--as well as being the right thing to do.


[your name]
2. Outside of the Puget Sound area, please send the same e-mail to following Appropriations Committee members (or, if you have family or friends in Washington, have them do so as well):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
3. In addition, if you are, or you have friends or family, in the **Spokane** area, please have them call Appropriations Chair Timm Ormsby at (360) 786-7946, using that e-mail as a script, or send the same e-mail to him using this form:
Spread the word TODAY!