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Parent Ed: When Parents are the Very Best


Please join us for the first Parent Education event at FPE. Free to all and we hope you are able to make it.


When parents are the very best sexuality educators, a special event for all our parents facilitated by Greg Smallidge


Naturally and constantly, children develop their understanding of sexuality. Every day they absorb cultural messages and attitudes about gender, relationships, and intimacy. They experience powerful feelings of identity and love. They create stories and confirm “truths”.  And as they do this work building comfort and meaning for themselves, children are deciding whether they have reliable help, or not.  


Please join us for this lively, guaranteed-worth-your-time workshop and discussion to:

  • Investigate the current realities of “sex ed” – in the world and in our minds
  • Reflect on our own education, and the messages we most hope our children will get
  • Clarify WHAT (the very best) parents/sexuality educators do exactly – and WHY

With warmth and curiosity, Greg Smallidge has helped thousands of parents be more relaxed, thoughtful, and confident sexuality educators for their kids. Come with your questions, answers and wonderings and leave in a much better position to best help the kids in your care. This evening promises immediately useful ideas, great conversations, pictures (of course!), behind-the-scenes stories, and so much more!


Wednesday, September 26, 2018 6:15pm