If you would like to join one of the following committees (or have an idea for a sub-committee), please email  Thank you to all our PTA Volunteers for helping to make our school awesome!


Currently seeking to fill: 

  •  2 Board Positions: 
    • Social Chair - We desperately need more fun and community building this year! Are you an organized person who likes fun? We have two enthusiastic committee members who are planning a full calendar and would love your help leading this group. 
    • Equity Chair - Help make our PTA more equitable and accessible! You might coordinate with the parent-education volunteer to bring in speakers, offer a weekly resource in the Falcon Flyer, represent the PTA on the staff's racial equity team....
  • Volunteer Roles:
    • Special Education Chair
    • Teacher Appreciation Coordinator
    • Lost and Found Coordinator
    • Student Directory Coordinator 
    • Bulletin Board Coordinator


Per the vote of the membership at the FPE PTA general meetings in June and September 2022, we are thrilled to announce the 2022-23 team of leadership volunteers. If you have the opportunity, please thank these folks for making time in their busy lives to strengthen our shared community, on behalf of every student at FPE.


Executive Board


President - Alicia Saka (

First Vice President - Kristine Chastain (

Second Vice President - Tristan Cook (

Treasurer - Alan Haskel (

Secretary - Eva Talbot (


Standing Committee Chairs & Volunteers


Communications - Tracy Cutchlow, Chair (


Enrichment - Aja Riddle & Sylvia Moss, Chair (


Equity -  OPEN (

  • Special Education - OPEN


Fundraising - Arrica McReynolds (

  • Auction Lead - Jay-E Cunningham (
  • Auction Team - Lori Kirsis, Connie Navarre 


Legislative Advocacy - Joan Miller

  • Backpack Program (food support for families) - Fawn Coussens ( & Kevin O'Donnell
  • Food Bank Volunteer - Jennifer Burland


Spirit - OPEN (


Volunteer - Natalie Riha, Chair (

  • Cohort Coordination - Liz Steen


Other Key Volunteer Roles

  • School Supplies - Krystal Puga-Martinez
  • Membership Directory - Damiana Smith (
  • Lost & Found - OPEN 
  • Bank Statement Reviews - OPEN (non-PTA member for compliance)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - OPEN 


Non-Voting Members

  • Julie Breidenbach, Fairmount Park Elementary Principal

Upcoming Events

 Full Calendar