Welcome to the new website for Fairmount Park Elementary PTA!  Whether you are new to Fairmount Park or just new to the website, here is what we recommend to get the most out of fantastic community:

1. Register on this site 


Not only is the new website a great place for information, it is also a fantastic tool that makes it easier for the community to interact and support our students.  All of that with a lot less paperwork.  Signing up is free and quick and will save you time later.



2. Join the PTA


The Fairmount Park Elementary PTA is a group of Parents and Teachers that are committed to building a strong community that helps make out school a great place for kids.  Membership is just $15 per year and we would love to everyone to join!



3. Stay informed!

Fairmount Park Elementary PTA has a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/fpepta/)—which we use to share information that is of general interest. 


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4. Use your powers for good!

Whether you have 30 minutes or larger chunks of time, your willingness to volunteer makes a big difference in the life of our school!  Most volunteers work full or part time, which makes everyone's service extra important! See where your talents might be best used here:



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